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Question of the week.

Dear Docs,

Refugium question. I have done alot of reading on the web and I am still not sure of what if any "critters" to add to the refugium. I will have a small refugium in the sump under my tank with a 3 to 4 inch layer of live sand, some LR, and Macro Algae. Do I need to stir the sand or add critters to do this? If so, what kind? Also, what kind of maintenance in the way of vacuuming, etc., should I do in the refugium?

Chet R.
West Bloomfield, MI


Thanks for writing! To answer your question about stirring the sand...I wouldn't think so. The live rock, over time, will add plenty of 'stuff' to the sand bed and refugium. You could add some stuff to give it a kick start, but it's really not a requirement. As far as what type of critters....A lot of merchants sell various detritivores and live sand starter kits which are available to get you crankin'. Refugium maintenance? I would say none, except for removal of excess macro-algae from time to time - this is important young student, as it is the prime means of nutrient export from a running refugium. Good luck and Happy Reefing!!!!

The Reef Doctors

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